A one man play

“In the dark, I am cleansed as the tap drip, drip drips. The skin peels and flakes as I scrub, while every inch of fresh, raw flesh is kissed by pure, clean water. Routine is medicine. I am living in peacetime.”

A young man’s life is turned upside down when he discovers he is HIV positive. His fears and anxieties take over, forcing him to abandon his life in the city and flee to a remote island. There, he believes he won’t endanger anyone else, and he can keep himself free from disease and infection. His aim is to preserve life at any cost, but by shutting himself away, is he prolonging his life or wasting it?

From Peacetime Productions comes this new one man play about the true value of life, and the lengths we go to when protecting the ones we love. It is an exciting piece of new writing from author and journalist, Rebecca Monks, performed by actor Joshua Considine.



Read our five star review from TV Bomb here: ‘An exemplary piece of theatre’


Read our five star review from Bath Theatre here: ‘this is definitely the fringe highlight so far’


Read our four star review from EdFringe Review here: ‘A Fringe debut of startling sincerity and quiet power . . . people should see this show’








This piece of new writing is based on the true story of a circus elephant named Tyke, who after suffering years of abuse, trampled her trainer on stage before rampaging through Honolulu.

This play uses theatrics, puppetry and live music to imagine what happened in Tyke’s life before the incident took place.


It ended with bullets. A hail of them.

Proudlove’s world-famous circus is crumbling. Faced with a financial crisis, the whole enterprise could fold within a year.  The ringmaster knows he needs to bring in the crowds to save it, and for this, he’s relying on his prize elephant :Tyke.

Faced with the task of teaching Tyke new tricks, groom Stefan hires an apprentice – animal handler, Veronica. The two fall in love, but their relationship is tested when she questions Stefan’s brutal training methods. 

Veronica does her best to make Stefan see that Tyke shouldn’t be put under the kind of pressure Proudlove expects, but not even she can save them both from the crack of the bullwhip.

Find out more about the true story of Tyke


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