A selection of theatre features, interviews, previews and reviews.

Features and Interviews

Interview: Diana Gabaldon on Sam Heughan – ‘I was sitting there typing, “this man is grotesque, what are you thinking?”‘

Published in The List, November 2015. Read here.



Interview: George the Poet – ‘I’m the guy trying to talk to you about stuff that weighs on our hearts’

Published in The List, September 2016. Read here.



Interview: Irvine Welsh, ‘Every election is in some ways a rerun of the Independence Referendum’

Published in The List, April 2015. Read here.



Interview: Terry Gilliam – ‘Books are dangerous. You get trapped in them and then you have to somehow get them out of your system’

Published in The List, February 2016. Read here.



Interview: Louise Stern – ‘I grew up with people unable to communicate with anyone’

Published in The List, July 2015. Read here.


Book Reviews

  Margaret Drabble – The Dark Flood Rises

**** in The List. Read here.


Theresa Munoz – Settle

**** in The List. Read here.


SE Lister – The Immortals

*** in The List. Read here.


Alice Adams – The Invincible Summer

** in The List. Read here.


Tony Black – His Father’s Son

Review in The Scotsman. Read here.